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The Modeling page is composed of four sections: one about the entire system, two aimed at computing parameters used in the entire system model, and an additional program just for fun. The entire program is simulation of the whole system and divided into three parts. The first supporting program is concerning L-Asp diffusion, and the second concerning chemotaxis. The additional program is "E.coli attracted to the cursor."

Model1: L-Asp diffusion

Model2: Chemotaxis

Model3: Entire simulation

Model4: Mousetaxis (E.coli attracted to the cursor)

We paid attention to design models so that the outputs are as quantitative as possible. Many of the parameters are verified through the reference to prior studies or our own experiments.

The fact that the entire-system program operates as we intend, suggests that the system we have designed is reasonable and realistic.

You can run Demo programs on your browser. JRE(Java Runtime Environment) has to be installed in your computer in order to run them.