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Synthetic Biology Workshops

Date: 9,10 September 2011
Location: Tzu Chi University

Summer is officially over and it’s the start of a brand new semester. In conjunction with the enrolment of the 100th year intake, we conducted a workshop on the subject of synthetic biology in collaboration with the College of Life Sciences. Prof. Sun Der Shan and Prof. Woon Peng Yeong coordinated the workshops while our teammates operated as the tutors to the participants. Our team members not only carried out and progress their project; they also shared their experiences with others and promote synthetic biology to the general public.

During the 1st day of the workshops, we managed to cover various aspects of synthetic biology, from the introduction of synthetic biology including the history, current applications and future directions as well as the iGEM competition. On the other hand, we also performed the basic techniques in molecular biology such as plasmid isolation, enzyme digestion, Polymerase Chain Reaction, gel electrophoresis, insert preparation, gel extraction, ligation and transformation, cloning, autoclaving, flaming, primer design, growth curves, as well as screening techniques to the participants. The highlight of the event is hands-on which held on the 2nd day. All the participants were given a chance to perform in the activity. We, as the tutors assisted them throughout the whole process. By the end of the workshop, they learned to cut a plasmid with restriction enzyme, to paste DNA with ligase and PCR amplification.

At the end of the event, we had a sharing session with the participants. Cookies, sandwiches and fruit juice were served and we really had fun. We presented our project to them. They gave us valuable feedbacks and suggestions; some even had in-depth discussion. All in all, it was a great week with the freshers.

↑2nd day of the workshop wet-lab day:

↑Ting-Ting is explaining to her how to use a pippette

↑Andrew is demonstrating the step in the fume hood

↑Plasmid isolation

↑Ting-Ting is assisting the participant to add TBE buffer