Team:TU Munich/human/kindergarten


Kindergarten "Little Giants"

Two members of our team spent half a day at the Kindergarten “Little Giants” in Munich. The aim was to give the children an insight into the world of small living organisms and give them an opportunity to learn about bacteria in a playful way.


At first, we sat in a circle and read out our children's book “Gifpi and Cherry” while showing the pictures. The book is about two bacteria named Gifpi and Cherry who miraculously learn how to glow green and red after reading a paper scroll. Feel free to read the story and see its genetic engineering background.

After this, we set up a microscope connected to a computer via USB, so all children could see what was examined. At first we looked at a fly’s leg and some Radiolaria, followed by some living water fleas collected from the Isar River in the morning. The kids were really excited about the small animalcules whizzing around. The feed from the microscope was recorded together with the voices of people speaking. This video is available here.


Now it was time for some “hands-on-action”. We brought along construction paper in many different colors which the children used to make their own bacteria. To see some of the most elaborate results, check out the photo gallery. There were bacteria with smiley faces, dangerous teeth or babies…

Finally, the children could put on lab coats and wear goggles to feel like real scientists.

At the end of the day, we sat in a circle once more and all kids told us what they liked most about the day. The most frequently given answer was “everything”, followed by “the story” and “the microscope”.

Before going home, everybody got a small gift, which contained a printed version of the “Gifpi and Cherry” story and a bowl of “Herman dough”, a living dough containing Lactobacilli and yeast that needs to be fed and grows over a couple of days.

The feedback we got from the children and the kindergarten teachers showed us that the children not only had a great time, but that we also managed to fascinate the children and raise their interest for microscopically small organisms.

Kindergarten St. Klara


We believe that it is a fundamental task to educate the public about synthetic biology and research in order to create an awareness and interest instead of fear. This is why our team contributed to teaching of sciences to children.

In July, a member of our team visited the kindergarten of parish St. Klara in Munich. During a whole morning he conveyed an idea of small living organisms using two microscopes. While explaining why microscopes are used, living water fleas were shown to 3-5 year old children.

Afterwards new gained knowledge was reviewed and a connection to research and scientists was made. In general there was a broad interest among those children concerning living beings as well as surrounding nature.

At a later date we were told, that many children detailed their fascinating experience to their parents.