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Functional Verification-Sun Yat-sen Univ.

    After the modules verification, we began further tests of our constructed bacteria to verify that the genes can function well.

    First, we tested the function of our constructed gene cheZ. Because of limited conditions, we tried to replace ion radiation with common UV light, which has the same effect of DNA damage to activate the SOS signal pathway. When exposed to a certain intensity(which couldn't be measured for a lack of apposite apparatus) of UV light, the E.coli transformed with RecA-CheZ-pET28a was observed a faster movement towards it.

    Then, we used TrkD-pET32a to test the function of trkD, which could be accomplished through detection of the accumulation of Cs+ in E.coli extract. The results indicate that within the inducement of 0.5mM IPTG at 37℃ for 4h, the experimental group has a significantly higher amount of Cs+ absorption than the control group.

    In terms of the results above, we have proved that cheZ and trkD constructed in the plasmids functions. Taking these two evidence together, it's not hard to predict that the constructed bacteria obtain the ability to 'swim' towards ion radiation and to absorb Cs+.

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