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SynBio Intro

SynBio Intro is an app runs on iPhone / iPod Touch. It was designed to provide an all-in-one experience of modern biotechnology from explaining "what is DNA" to building an organism on your own. With easy language and friendly UI, you will geta joyful but deep impression on how synthetic biology works and change our lives.

The app is now available for free on App Store.

  • Visit App Store

  • With hundreds of downloads, we've collected some of the comments below:

    "The illustrations are fancinating and the introductions are easy to understand. The puzzle is really a challenge so that I have to read the content carefully, think it over, fully understand it and then get the answer. I really learned a lot from the friendly app."

    -- Knightly, a student in English major

    "The app is pretty good. You'll know that as soon as you download it."

    -- comment from App Store (China)

    "Pretty lovely! SynBio is not as difficult as I think!"

    -- Ngating Wong from Australia

    "Could not be better!"

    -- Maojie Lee, a student in English major

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