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  • Li WANG

    Western Bloter

  • Qiang KOU

    Modeler 模特儿

  • Tao GUO

    The one brings milk

  • WeiWen SUN


  • ZiLong WANG


  • Yi ZHENG

    Experiemntalist & Fantastic Dancer

  • YingJie LIU

    Coder, and superisingly, a girl......

  • YiTian XU

    Big fan of Big Bang Theory!! The TV of course!! Experiemntalist ><

  • Garfield ZHAO

    Experiemntalist & Wiki Coder & a man's man... & not a professional TOEFLer or GREer...

  • WenJun SU

    Vision Superviser & a little cub ... yes,a little cub indeed...

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Note for non-Chinese:

    Renren is "Chinalized" Facebook. Normally, we can not get access to Facebook or Twitter because of you-know-why....

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