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2011-10-16 Our project won a bronze medal in the iGEM 2011 Asia Jamboree at HKUST and got the opportunity of moving forward to the World Championship at MIT. The final competition will begin at 11-05. Learn more about the result of iGEM 2011 region jamborees.

2011-10-12 The full version of the project introduction animation, with improved graphic, background music, sound effects, Chinese/English subtitles and cast list, is now uploaded to If you're a Chinese Internet user, please go to and check out the same vedio.

2011-10-12 LabCraft board game is now on sell. Please send your order to our offical e-mail if you're interested in our product. Our e-mail is We'll contact you as soon as we receive your order. Learn more about our game in the LabCraft page.

2011-10-06 The iOS app "SynBio & iGEM intro" is now available. Check it out and download it from the Apple App Store, and it is FREE! You can also download it to your local disk via iTunes. Please rate it if you're interested. Learn more about the app in the iOS App page.

2011-10-06 The offcial team wiki of iGEM 2011 SYSU-China is now online. Learn more about our project and the experiments, as well as other informations here.


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