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NYC-iGEM software

Meet the awesomeness

Our iGEM squadron consists of students from the Dalton School, Hunter College, Columbia University, Yeshiva University, NYU-Poly, and Cornell University. Our advisers (and donated workspace) reside at Weill Cornell Medical College on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

What we're doing

Deinococcus Genome/ Transcriptome Sequencing

How can previously unresearched species inform us about radiation resistance? We are using whole genome and RNA-seq to analyze a genus' response to ionizing radiation.

Registry/ Biobrick Tools

We also realize that there are unsolved problems on the software side of synthetic biology, so we are working with others to code tools to integrate into the Registry and are working on libraries to manipulate biobricks in general.

Team Members and Affiliations

Daniel Packer - Hunter College

Jakub Cichon - NYU-Poly

Hannah Landes - The Dalton School

Bavir Kunar - Columbia University

Sung won Lim - Genspace NYC

Weill Cornell Medical College Advisors and Grad Students

Russell Durrett, Christopher Mason - Institute for Computational Biology

Alex Hansler, Steve Gross - Department of Pharmacology