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Since our project M4B is a software project , we don’t compose any Biobrick device so that M4B does not produce any biological safety problems and it does not cause any safety problems for researchers too. Furthermore, adoption of the results ,we get from our software, in wet lab research is not likely to cause any safety issues and our program submits only the pathways that encode non-hazardous genes.

Additionally M4B is ONLY for research use, no medical or diagnostic use for applications of novel BioBrick constructs generated through our software, and no military (defense or combat) application will be allowed.

And we can only warn the user about our intention while building the application:

“M4B software is FOR RESEARCH USE ONLY, no medical or diagnostic use for applications of the novel Biobrick constructs generated through our software has been described “

As a software developer , we have to consider all possible maliciously use of synthetic biology tools. However, it is difficult to understand for which purposes our tools will be used, best way avoiding garage bio-terrorism is all parts before adding to Parts Registry must be checked , looked for toxic affect and any environmental or human harmfulness. After scanning possible candidate parts, a committee should decide whether novel part can be added parts registry or not. Otherwise, if the hazardous parts are specified in Parts Registry, we can color these parts in the pathway and warn the researchers for these parts.