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METU-BIN iGEM Software TeamProject: Mining for BioBricks



Kick-Off of METU-BIN iGEM Software Team: As new members from different disciplines joined, our team got more powerful. Then, we started to know more about each other to understand how to determine our strategy to be successful in iGEM competition.

Reaching out to our Potential Sponsors: The content and organization of our sponsorship package is discussed and all information is pulled together into one package for easy presentation. Also, we have practiced on how to present our project to specific companies and thus worked hard on basics of synthetic biology. In order to raise some funds for the team, we have entered into the Hacettepe Technopolis Innovation Project Competition “Teknovasyon 2011” with a scientific project on synthetic biology. Our project was about MRSA biosensor modified by synthetic DNA technology.

All team members prepared presentations on iGEM and synthetic biology and these presentations helped us to open up the communication between the team members coming from different fields and educated us on different aspects of iGEM competition, synthetic biology and software development. As a software field, we had to have a good understanding of molecular biology, genetics, synthetic biology and computer sciences. Thus, we created an environment where people in every field, could provide useful and innovative advice.

Towards the end of March 2011, we got a little more into the competition, and Yener who was a competitor at iGEM 2010 talked about his experiences and explained the Registry of Standard Biological Parts. This was the key moments because, as a software team programming a software that integrates the Registry, we should know and understand the Registry completely.