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METU-BIN iGEM Software TeamProject: Mining for BioBricks



Since M4B contains bioparts from 2011 distribution in its database and we know METU-Ankara Team who are engineering E.Coli to decrease harmful effects of methane gas use 2011 distribution as well, we sent it them.

Their feedback is the following.

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"We are constructing a device that is induced by IPTG and that gives GFP as an output because, in order to elute methanosol we need to kill cells that convert ambient methane to methanol. Our device has promoter induced by IPTG, RNA, gene coding GFP and lysis cassette ending with cell death and we are glad to have it and it's working how we expected. So then, we use M4B to see that if it finds the exact device or the device that can do the same job. Since the software has only one place for output, we queried IPTG as an input and GFP as an output on the software and got corresponding 117 results. These results contain devices exactly what we have one for the same operation. However, we couldn't find the apoptosis output for he IPTG input in the software."