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METU-BIN iGEM Software TeamProject: Mining for BioBricks



Our project aims to provide a software tool to facilitate selection process of the right parts for their experiments in minimum amount of time and effort. Read more.


It's very important that on projects or even a little work people should collaborate always to reach the best! Thus, we consider it as a key factor to succeed. See it.

Human Practice

Science and technology are not only for students, academicians but they are also for children and people from other interests. Thus, we have been with tham together. See here.


Safety is always a concern in synthetic biology, computer applications and virtualizing techniques tries to reduce the threat of non-predictable events. Read more.


METU-BIN team with Prof. Dr. Charles Cantor at Informatics Science Festival 2011 at METU. Meet the team.


We want to inform you about our adventures when getting ready for the iGEM competition. Take a look.