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Thanks to all of our generous sponsors

All of this wouldn’t be possible without the generous contributions from the organizations listed below.

Sponsors and Supporters

CUGEN Limited

Special Thanks to:

  • l Mr. Chu Wing Leung
  • l Prof. Douglas Yung & his group
  • l Ms. Law Shuk Yee, Zoe
  • l Ms. Shirley Chan
  • l Honorable Dr. Ng Cheuk Yiu
  • l Mr. Wang Feng
  • l Dr. Mak Kin Wah
  • l Dr. Chan Wing Fat
  • l Prof. Jimmy Yu & his group
  • l Ms. Kong Lai Ping
  • l Mr. Emery Chan
  • l Prof. Ge Wei
  • l Prof. Shaw Pang Chiu
  • l Mr. Tang Wai Keung

Authors of the paper “Batteries for Efficient Energy Extraction from a Water Salinity Difference”

F. L. Mantia, M. Pasta, H. D. Deshazer, B. E. Logan, Y. Cui

Authors of the paper “Energy Harvesting With Microbial Fuel Cell and Power Management System”

A. Meehan, H. Gao

Authors of the paper “Purification of histidine tagged bacteriorhodopsin, pharaonis halorhodopsin and pharaonis sensory rhodopsin II functionally expressed in Escherichia coli”

I. P. Hohenfeld, A. A. Wegener, M. Engelhard

  • l HKUST iGEM team 2011
  • l Postgraduates at Prof. T. F. Chan’s group, Prof. S. K. Kong's group and Prof. K. M. Chan's group
  • l Knowledge Transfer Unit, Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • l Office of Student Affair, Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • l Steering Committee for Promoting Personal Development through Social and Civic Engagement

And we shall not forget

  • l iGEM Headquarter
  • l The Biobrick Foundation