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deneme baslik


Besides the lab studies, we also strove for the innovation and presentation of synthetic biology to people. As a medical school, our hospital has its own quarterly journal, “Yasama Sanati” (The Turkish for ‘The Art of Living’). We decided that we could mention about iGEM and synthetic biology; thus we wrote an article explaining that bacteria are not too harmful living creatures to humans as it is commonly thought nowadays. In fact, we mentioned that bacteria would become very handy, helpful and intelligent “machines” in appropriate conditions. We listed the former experiments and parts that took place in the iGEM competition and gave some examples about what to do next. 
We also talked about iGEM competition and its international character. In the article, we wrote about attending of 130 teams from all over the world, and the separation of the competition to stages by continents and the teams from Turkey attending to iGEM. The article appeared in the July- August- September 2011 issue of the journal.  Considering its innovation and presentation for synthetic biology and the iGEM competition, we found this work too important.