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deneme baslik

(Associate Professor of Medical Genetics)

Hello everyone! My name is Esra. I’m an Associate Professor of Medical Genetics. This is my third year back in Turkey after staying twelve years in Japan. I mainly work on Cancer Genetics and more specifically on Tumor Suppressor Genes. I do enjoy being with my students and working with them together. iGEM competition has provided us to become closer. I think we share a lot scientifically, socially and friendly together with my students. I also like speaking Japanese and cooking.

(Assistant Professor of Medical Genetics)
(Assistant Professor of Medical Biochemistry)
(Ph.D Student on Tumor Immunology at Sackler Institue of New York University)

I am graduate student for Ph.D. on Tumor Immunology at Sackler Institue of New York University. I have participated iGEM competition several times. I have taken parts in the competition as a student member of METU-Gene 2009 (Silver), METU-Turkey Software 2010 (Silver) and METU-Turkey 2010 (Gold). Now, I have been advisor of Fatih University for couple of months in order to start integration of other universities of Turkey into iGEM and to prepare an environment for establisihing and spreading of new synthetic biology labs through Turkey.

(Ph.D Student on Mecdical Genetics)
Canvas Town is a proud product of Fatih Turkey group where all work presented on this wiki is the sole work of the iGEM team members listed below. All project executions have been performed by medical school team members through the summer. They have also performed all activities of Human practice. Additionally all the logo, illustrations, cartoons, other visual media and web design has been created by the design team in the group.We are also extremely thankful for the help of advisors and instructors just above.
Medical Student (2nd Year)

I am a first term student of Fatih University Medical Faculty and I will finish first year on July. When I finish my faculty, I want to be a clinician. I like playing tennis and taking some photos.

Medical Student (2nd Year)

I’m a first year student in medical faculty. Also this is my first year in iGEM, I’m interested in clinical medicine; but also, I always like genetics and working in the lab. I think iGEM is a perfect way to learn synthetic biology and teamwork for a student. I like playing guitar. I’m sure our team will be very successful.

Medical Student (2nd Year)

I'm happy to be a part of the team. There is nothing to say about the past time; but I'm here for the future. "Bismillah is the beginning of every good thing. So, let's say Bismillah!.."

Medical Student (3rd Year)

I finished my second year in medical school on June. I'll be a doctor but I don't want to be a clinician. Thus, genetics and synthetic biology are treasure for me:) This is my first year in iGEM. I'm interested in physics and computer science. I like traveling and hiking. Also, I enjoy riding a roller coaster!

Medical Student (3rd Year)

I'm second term student of Fatih University Medical Faculty. This is the first time to attend iGEM competition. In spite of this, we have a great team and our advisors who spend a lot of time for that project. This competition process will be a great advantage for us like working together in solidarity and making idea exchange between us. So this project will broaden our horizon. See you in Holland(o'-'o)//

Medical Student (2nd Year)

I'm Mustafa, undergraduate student in Fatih University Medical School. First of all, being a part of this team is an honor. I am so impressed of their patience with me. I am definitely a laid-back person, because my point of view to the life is about not taking the things so seriously. I mean seeing the facts on their funny ways, especially when it gets complicated and seems hard. And the recent studies corrects me that not being stressed is healthy, so relax. And I like playing basketball, chess and poking other people.

Medical Student (2nd Year)

This is my first year at Fatih University Medical School as a student. Although my department is the Medicine , I have a great interest in Genetics. After I complete my 6-year medical education , I want to maintain my academic education in Genetics. We are the first medical school in Turkey that participates in iGEM Competition. I hope we will maintain our success for next years, too.. I love watching cartoon :)

Medical Student (2nd Year)

I'm Ozan! I'm undergraduate student at Fatih University Medical School. I like genetics and synthetic biology, so I'm a part of this team. I advise you to participate in iGEM if you realy love genetics. In addition, I'm a goalkeeper and football is my life. If I didn't choose to be a doctor, I would be a professional goalkeeper.

Medical Student (2nd Year)

Hi! I m Tülin Serap Yılmaz. I finished my first year in Fatih University Medical School .I m interested in genetics, surgery and psychiatry. I am too bored learning everything in books; so I took part in Team Genesis . We learn everything by seeing. I wish an enjoying summer full with science for you :)

Medical Student (2nd Year)

Yasin Çakar.. My first year in medicine school.. Glad to being a part of experimental researches in genetics and being a member of Fatih University iGEM Team. Believing that it's loss if your today is equal to yesterday, tomorrow should be different from today..

Computer Engineering Student (4th Year)