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deneme baslik


To measure whether our human practices are effective, we decided to prepare a survey for high school teenagers and undergraduate students. Survey had 8 simple and clear statements about SynBio, labs and devices in the lab and iGEM. We handed out surveys after our human practices took place, especially after presentations in high schools.
The statements we asked were as follow:

  1. I know what synthetic biology is.
  2. I learnt what BioBrick is.
  3. I know what plasmid does.
  4. I learnt what restriction enzymes do.
  5. I learnt the devices and tools in the lab.
  6. I enjoyed the game.
  7. I learnt why antibiotics are used.
  8. I found the game educative

According to our results, our human practices were very educative and enjoyable. About 75% of students states that they learnt what SynBio is. This shows how effective our presentations and other human practices we did. Despite of the lack of knowledge of student, their complexity and relation to terminology; about 58% of responders say that they learnt what plasmid does and 64% of them admit that they learnt what restriction enzymes do. This indicates our language in our human practices and presentations is quite understanding and clear.
For the survey results of our game, all of the feedbacks are positive and supports our activities. Especially, 92% of the responders states that our game is very educative and 87% of them found our game enjoyable. This supports our opinion about our game: “Learning while having fun is possible with the Canvas Time Game.”