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(The Rainbow Graveyard)
(The Rainbow Graveyard)
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== Project Details==
== Project Details==

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The Rainbow Graveyard

The story had began with a series of undefined infection events in humans which have been thought due to a gang of E.coli for decades. Only evidences at the scenes of the crimes are lipopolysaccharide (LPS) layer traces, thought to be used in all crimes of infections commited by the gram-negative gang. In our story, we will tell how detective B.subtilis and its collegues can catch the gang by synthesizing Limulus anti-LPS factor (LALF) on biofilm. So, LALF can detect the gang and inhibit its growth because of a high affinity binding for LPS. The police can use also LALF included biofilm onto surfaces to inhibit growth of other gram-negative individuals in the town and to prevent their infections. Next, after arresting of each E.coli gang by police, colour of the town has seemed changed. The secret of the change is color-change feature of Reflectin protein synthesized by B.subtilis police squad and the gang. Indeed, Reflectin is transfered into all individuals at ‘The Canvas Town’.

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