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deneme baslik

Game Properties


  • One dice
  • Three Bacillus Subtilis, three Escherichia Coli pawns
  • 9 character cards, 96 basic gene cards and 96 gene synthesis cards
  • Gameboard
  • “Lysogenic Cycle” and turn standby icons

Game Plan

  • At the beginning, character cards are distributed to all players randomly. Players receive their pawns that match with their character cards.
  • The players with same character assemble teams of kinds.
  • One member of each team rolls dice to determine which team is going to start first. Then, members of the first team also roll dice. Team member that has the biggest number on the dice is the first player.
  • Game continues counterclockwise as from the first player.
  • Each player goes forward times of the number on the dice.
  • The first player that reaches the last golden box is the winner.

General Rules


In the case that player can survive on a box only by using a gene card, that player must use his/her card. Use of cards that are not “vital” is optional.

Returning to Checkpoint

Bacteria can be killed by some effects. In the game, any player that is “killed” must resume the game from last checkpoint box. There are two checkpoint box and a start box. Players that could not reach the first checkpoint must return to start box if necessary.


If two members of a team meet on the same box, these players can exchange their basic gene cards.


If B. Subtilis and E.coli members meet in the same box, E. coli kills B. Subtilis player. Then, B. Subtilis goes back to the last checkpoint or start point. But; if B. Subtilis has the “Anti-LPS card”, B. Subtilis survives and E.coli dies.

Gameboard Rules

Antibiotic Boxes
All players except Virus players are killed and returns to the last checkpoint box unless the basic gene cards or gene synthesis cards of the player have no resistance to that antibiotic. Note that there are four kinds of antibiotic boxes: Ampicilin, chloramphenicol, kanamycin and tetracyclin.

When player passes a checkpoint box, next time that player is killed by an effect; player resumes the game from these boxes.

Restriction Enzymes
If one of the restriction sites that are denoted on the basic gene cardsmatches with the restriction enzyme, that card is put end of the card deck. If the restriction site of the character card matches, the player resumes the game from the last checkpoint box. Note that there are four restriction enzymes: EcoR1, Pst1, Spe1 and Xba1.


Character Cards

Each player will have a character card that gives the player some advantages and disadvantages depend on the type of the card and the situation. There are two types of character cards: Escherichia coli, Bacillus subtilis.
On the character cards, there are two boxes for special circumstances: Genome restriction sites and super power.

Restriction Site
Restriction site box also remains on the character cards. If the character card matches with the enzyme, player returns to last checkpoint box.

Super Power
Each kind of character card has its own super power that gives them some advantages in the game.
Bacillus Subtilis has the power of producing endospores. Thus, it is resistant to some sterilization techniques, in other word, some boxes on the board do not effect. These boxes are marked with sheriff star.
The genome of Escherichia coli is known very well; thus E.coli has an advantage about getting gene cards easily. When an E.coli player stops on any checkpoint square (start box is not included), player draws one additional basic gene card. (Note that when player is killed and returns to last checkpoint, same rule exists.)

Gene Cards

There are two kinds of gene cards: Basic gene and gene synthesis cards. Only difference between these two kinds is that basic gene cards have restriction sites additionally.

Anti-LPS Biofilm
This card allows B.subtilis players to kill E.coli – which means E.coli player must continue the game from the last checkpoint box – in the case of meeting on any box.

This card allows playersto go forward two more boxes on the “Glucose Rich Medium” box. In contrast, on the “Hydrogen peroxide” box, players go two steps backward.

Deep Freeze
This card allows the player not to wait on the “-80 Comedia” box for one turn.

This card allows E.coli player to be treated like B.subtilis player for that turn. In another word, E.coli character card becomes B.subtilis character card for the turn that this card is used.

Fenton Reagent
The player can put this card on any box on the board. Any player stops on that box, returns to last checkpoint box.

Player looks up for any gene synthesis card from its deck and exchange it with this card. (iGEM card goes under the basic gene card deck.) Gene synthesis card deck is then shuffled. This card can only be used at the beginning of a turn.

This card can be treated as any kind of basic gene card. Note that this card also has all restriction sites and all kinds of antibiotic resistance.

This card allows the player not to be affected on the “Ampicilin antibiotic” box.

Lysogenic Cycle
Player with this card is not affected by “Virus” box. Instead of it, player receives a “Lysogenic Cycle” marker and continues the game. If the player with that marker stops on “Virus Environment?” square, that player returns to last checkpoint. (Note that after being killed, “Lysogenic Cycle” marker is lost.)

Second Chance
If a player is killed, that player resumes the game without returning to last checkpoint via using this card.

Take a Photo
This card allows the player who has reached Canvas Town square to go on two more squares.
On the gene cards there are three boxes for special circumstances: Promoter, restriction site and antibiotic resistance.

Restriction Site
Genes have their own cleavage zones. These zones are called “restriction sites”. On the card, restriction site box shows which restriction enzyme is able to cut the gene and make it unable to be used. There are four enzymes that have their own boxes on the game board: EcoR1, Spe1, Pst1 and Xba1. Some cards may have restriction enzymes more than one.
When player stops on a restriction site box on the board; restriction site boxes on the cards must be checked if any of them fits. The card matches with the restriction enzyme goes end of the card deck.
Note that gene synthesis cards do not have restriction site box.

Antibiotic Resistance
This box shows that the player who owns it cannot be harmed by that type of antibiotic. There are four antibiotic boxes on the game board: Chloramphenicol, ampicilin, kanamycin and tetracyclin.