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deneme baslik

Reflectin Existence Assay

We transfered the plasmid which includes the gene part of reflectin protein (BBa_K541596) to E. Coli and we saw that there is a difference between reflectin including colonies and the control group.
We saw that the plate which does not include reflectin protein is normally transparent. But the plate with the reflectin synthesizing bacteria seemed white. This makes us think that our plasmid is working and the protein is produced by E. coli.
Additionally, the colonies are looked through light microscope. The colony which was supposed to produce reflectin had some transparent points. In contrast, the control group had completely different image. We think that reflectin protein caused these points; thus reflectin might be synthesized. However, we did not image the effect of reflectin; so, we do not know whether reflectin works as it is expected.