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deneme baslik

We designed E.coli device to express reflectin protein which gives different colors in different wavelength, color change according to thickness of colony.

B.Subtilus contain LALF device , produces Anti-LPS vector which binds E.coli membrane Lipopolysaccharide and stop growth of E.coli

Because of LALF E.colican not growth and no reflectin produced , thus no color change occur due to LALF.

Data for our favorite new parts:

  1. Limulus anti-LPS factor(LALF) – BBa_K541505: Gene of this protein is sequenced and confirmed. Moreover, we added a GFP sequence after LALF and inserted in E.coli. We saw green colonies which show us that LALF is produced.
  2. LALF protein with Tat signal peptide compatible with E.coli – BBa_K541545: This part includes an IPTG inducible E.coli promoter. The colonies that had been incubated in the plate with IPTG were smaller than the ones in the plate without IPTG. In addition, we have sequenced this part and confirmed it. Also, we produced its cDNA and checked that the part is produced.
  3. LALF protein with SacB signal peptide compatible with B.subtilis – BBa_K541915: Culture of B.subtilis with this part and its supernatant were added on different E.coli with J04450 promoter plates. No E.coli colony grew in the plate.Also, cDNA of this part is produced and corrected. Thus, our protein is synthesized.
  4. Reflectin1A with E.coli compatible promoter – BBa_K541596: After gel electrophoresis, we saw correct bands and confirmed this part. Also, after the transformation to TOP10 E.coli strain, we saw white colonies in the plate which shows us thatthe part is confirmed.

Data for pre-existing parts:

  1. Shuttle vector – BBa_K090403: We have upgraded this part by inserting BBa_J04450 into BBa_K090401 to use it for the identification in our experiments. (BBa_K541800) We saw red colonies during our experiments.
  2. B.subtilis compatible promoter – BBa_K143053: We added GFP sequence after the promoter and saw green colonies during our experiments.
  3. E.coli compatible promoter – BBa_J04500: We added GFP sequence after the promoter and saw green colonies during our experiments.

We have also characterized the following parts:

  1. Reflectin 1A – BBa_K541506: Sequencing is performed for this protein and the part is confirmed.