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The following people formed The Cooper Union lab group, advised by David Orbach and Dionne Lutz:

  • Alison Acevedo
  • Christina Eng
  • Renxuan Liu
  • Thomas Bernstein
  • Donggyoon Hong
  • David Isele

This group was responsible for the design, construction and testing of the composite part that was the feedback system. In addition, both groups participated in the manufacture of chemical quantum dots.

The following people formed the Columbia/NYU/High-School lab group, advised by Ellen Jorgensen and Oliver Medvedik:

  • Christopher Lin
  • Matt Piziak
  • Sung Won Lim
  • Rikki Frenkel
  • Justin Fabrikant
  • Will Long
  • Min-Gyu Kim

This group was responsible for the biobricking and expression of the metal binding peptides in E.coli and production of quantum dots.

The following people helped in conceptual and thematic design, as well as project development, advised by David Benjamin:

  • Nathan Smith
  • Jayson Walker
  • Justin Fabrikant
  • Rikki Frenkel

The following people formed the wiki design and program group:

  • Matt Piziak
  • Christopher Lin
  • Christina Eng
  • Justin Fabrikant
  • Rikki Frenkel

Special thanks to Eric Lima, Robert Uglesich, and David Wootton for your patience, ideas, and lab space.

Primers and Oligos designed by students and synthesized by IDT.

CDS7 coding sequence synthesized by Mr. Gene.

Nucleotide sequencing by GENEWIZ.

Unless otherwise noted, all work was performed by students. Any graduate students on the team are pursuing degrees unrelated to the biological sciences.

The iGEM effort could not have happened without generous support and donation from following sponsors:

  • Cooper Union Alumnus Stanley Lapidus - Personally donated $5000 to the iGEM team
  • New England Bio Labs - Reagents and supplies
  • Biomatters ltd - Geneious licenses for all students
  • Allan Kuchinsky - Generous donation for registration of a student
  • Michael Tsouris - Personally covered over $1000 dollars in registration fees and transportation for multiple students