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Hi, I am Alperen. I was born in 1992 in Ankara. I am first term student of Fatih University Medical  Faculty and I will finish first year on July. When I finish my faculty, I want to be a clinacan. I graduated Oncu Collage in 2010. I like playing tennis and taking photo.


Hi I’m Betül Günbey, I’m a first year student in medical faculty. Also this is my first year in iGEM, I’m interested in clinical medicine but also I always like genetic and working in lab. I think iGEM is a perfect way to learn synthetic biology and teamwork for a student. I like playing guitar. I’m sure our team will be very successful.


Hi, I'm fazilet! I finished my second year in medical school on June. I'll be a doctor but I don't want to be a clinician. Thus, genetic and synthetic biology are treasure for me:) This is my first year in IGEM. I'm interested in physic and computer science.I like traveling and hiking. Also, I enjoy riding a roller coaster!


Hi! I'm Hale Nur Güngördü. I was born in İzmir in 1992. I graduated from Yamanlar Malhun Hatun College and now I'm second term student of Fatih University Medical Faculty. This is the first time to attend IGEM competition. In spite of this we have a great team and advisors who spend a lot of time for that project.This competition process will too advantage for us like work together in solidarity and make idea exchange between us. So this project will broaden our horizon.  See you in Holland(o'-'o)//

                                   HASAN YASİN SOYLU

I'm happy to being a part of the team. There is nothing to say about the past time; but I'm here for the future.
"Bismillah is the beginning of every good thing. So, let's say Bismillah!.."


I'm Mustafa, undergraduate student in Fatih University Faculty of Medicine. First of all, being a part of this team is an honor. I am so impressed of their patience with me. I am definitely a laid-back person, because my point of view to the life is about not taking the things so seriously. I mean seeing the facts on their funny ways, especially when it gets complicated and seems hard. And the recent studies corrects me that not being stressed is healthy, so relax. And I like playing basketball, chess and poking other people.


My name is Secil. This is my first year at Fatih University Medical School as a student.Although my department is the Medicine , I have a great interest in Genetic.After I complete my 6-year medical education , I want to maintain my academic education in Genetic.We are one of the first Faculty of Medicine that participating in İGEM Competition from Turkey as a team that called ‘FATİH TURKEY’. I hope we will maintain our success for next years too.. I love watching cartoon :)


Yasin Çakar.. I'm from Erzurum, was born in Çanakkale and graduated from Turgutlu Halil Kale High School of Science in Manisa. Now, first year in medicine.. Glad to being a part of experimental esearches in genetics and being a member of Fatih University iGEM Team. Believing that it's loss if your today is equal to yesterday, tomorrow should be different from today..