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Sponsorship tiers and benefits

We offer two classes of sponsorship:

  • Silver-tier: €500–€2500
  • Gold-tier: more than €2500

Silver- and Gold-tier sponsorship offers the following benefits:

  • Public acknowledgement at plenary iGEM/Europe opening and closing ceremonies.
  • Display of sponsor banner and poster during the event.
  • Advertisement by means of your organization name and logo in the program book and the iGEM/Europe website.
  • Materials on the sponsor table
  • 1 full registration to the iGEM/Europe Jamboree

Gold-tier sponsorship offers the additional benefits:

  • 3 full registrations to the iGEM/Europe Jamboree
  • You can have your organization profile printed in the program book
  • Organization logo in the digital program book
  • You can sponsor of specific parts of the conference, like diner, or Saturday night party.


Please have a look at our brochure below with detailed information about the iGEM Europa or download the flyer here.

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