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(Team List)
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[[Image:HS greenfield 1.jpg]]  [[Image:HS greenfield 2.jpg]]
[[Image:HS greenfield 1.jpg]]  [[Image:HS greenfield 2.jpg]]
[[File:IMG 0054.JPG]]

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Go to the High School Division page for more general information about the new iGEM High School Division.

This page provides information for the 2011 High School iGEM competition.

Note: The iGEM High School Division has a different schedule than the iGEM Competition. If your High School team is participating in the regular iGEM Competition, please register as a regular team.

iGEM 2011 High School Division has officially started

iGEM 2011 HS Calendar

iGEM 2011 HS Team Guidelines

iGEM 2011 HS Registration

iGEM 2011 HS Judging Criteria

iGEM 2011 HS Materials and Equipment for iGEM.


Like iGEM collegiate teams, each iGEM high school team will have a team wiki.

Team List

  • Greenfield Central 1, Greenfield, IN, USA
  • Greenfield Central 2,Greenfield, IN, USA
  • South Bend-Mishawaka, IN USA
  • Warren Central High School, Indianapolis, IN USA

HS greenfield 1.jpg HS greenfield 2.jpg IMG 0054.JPG