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Team SDU-Denmark - iGEMwatch blog
August 25, 2011

Three alumni from SDU-Denmark 2010 and 2009 have created a blog to spotlight and comment on projects from this year's competition. In the future they will also conduct interviews with some of the teams. Check them out here!

Team Cambridge - iGEM Experience Questionnaire
August 22, 2011

"What is the real impact of iGEM on its participants and on the field of synthetic biology as a whole? This short questionnaire has been developed by this year's Cambridge iGEM team in order to answer this very question. If you first participated in iGEM as a student team member, then we would really appreciate it if you could take a moment to complete this questionnaire and contribute to our research...The survey should only take you about 7-8 minutes to complete." - Team Cambridge

Team Dundee - Lazy Scientist App (Update)
August 17, 2011
Team Dundee - Lazy Scientist

"The Lazy Scientist is a translation tool aimed to assist synthetic biologists. The app has a number of functions including DNA to amino acid translation, back translation, reverse, complement and reverse complement. The app also contains a genetic codon lookup table allowing all corresponding codons for an amino acid to be looked up. The app is available for free in both the iPhone App Store and the Android Market." - Team Dundee

August 15, 2011

Team NYMU-Taipei has created a facebook group for iGEM Teams working with magnetic bacteria. They're inviting teams to join, collaborate and discuss research and applications of magnetic bacteria.

Team Meetups & Events
August 14, 2011

During the summer iGEM Teams have been meeting up, giving talks and also hosting events. Check out what they've been up to! If you've done something similar or plan to, be sure to add it to the Meetups and Events page

Team Queens Canada - Project Video
August 14, 2011
Team Queens Canada - Project Video

Team Queens Canada has a video up describing their project, find out about their project engineering C. elegans for bioremediation.

Team Colombia - Project Video
August 8, 2011
Team Colombia - Project Video

Team Colombia has a video up describing their project, find out about their project on using bacteria mediated biocontrol for phytopathogens.

Team Freiburg - Lab in a Cell Video
August 1, 2011
Team Freiburg - Lab in a Cell Video

Team Freiburg has a video up describing their project, find out about their Lab in a Cell project.

Team Sevilla - iGEM Logicians
July 26, 2011

Team Sevilla has created a facebook group for iGEM teams whose projects are related to logical behavior or logic circuits. Join, share your progress, and help each other out!

Team Fatih Turkey - Canvas Town Game
July 25, 2011

Team Fatih_Turkey has designed a Monopoly-like Synthetic Biology board game called "Canvas Town" to educate people about BioBricks, organisms, techniques and devices used in a synthetic biology lab. They are also planning on sending sets out to the Regional Jamborees to create a tournament, with finalists playing at the World Jamboree. Check their wiki out for updates, pictures and rules.

Team UANL Mty-Mexico - iGEM Lighters
July 25, 2011

Team UANL_Mty-Mexico has created a facebook group for iGEM Teams working on light based projects. They're inviting all iGEM "light teams" to join, communicate and collaborate and improve upon light induction systems.

Team Edinburgh - Wiki Watch
July 23, 2011

Team Edinburgh has put together a project summary page for all iGEM team projects. Check out their Wiki Watch page to see what fellow iGEMers are working on.

Team Dundee - DNA App
July 22, 2011

Team Dundee has created a DNA app that can be found on their wiki. They've also turned it into an Android app

Team KULeuven - Social Media Overview
July 21, 2011

Team KULeuven has kindly put together a social media overview page on their wiki. Keep yourself updated on how teams are progressing through: Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and Flickr. If you'd like to add yourself to their list, contact them through twitter (@KULeuven_iGEM) or facebook (KULeuven_iGEM).

iGEM Community Videos
July 21, 2011
iGEM Community Videos

Are you an iGEM team, lab, or sponsor? If you have a video that you would like to share with the community send us an email to hq (at) igem . org. We'll add it to our community videos page.

  • Tell us who you would like the video to be attributed to: your iGEM team, your actors, etc.
  • All videos should have a Creative Commons Attribution license at the very least.
  • Provide a description and any resources that would go well with your video
  • We prefer that videos be uploaded to Vimeo or Youtube as quality tends to be good and embedding is easy.