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this sounds very old, but hey: Especially the bit on Filter Paper Assay (p. 6 and so on). Can we fix it? --L.Kopec 06:15, 15 August 2011 (CDT)

Hey, I fixed the hints - F5 please. And, hmm, Assembly is displaying correctly (i.e. according to the style sheet we have), maybe add a NOTOC or something? --L.Kopec 05:51, 18 July 2011 (CDT)

Hi, Yes, the animation legend is actually useless, I'll try removing it soon. Also, I just uploaded a new graph which shows a more accurate ratio of yielded glucose to cellulose input. I'll think about wording more precise words. --L.Kopec 17:59, 14 September 2011 (CDT)

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--- I'm tempted to put more CGATs here, but well I'll restrain myself. What's up? I added a little blob on modelling on the main page, and also changed the tense from future simple to past simple. Like? Dislike? Was the main page supposed to be in the future? If so, go with your glia.