User:Elena moreno


Though I’ve always been considered a “science girl”, I can’t say my vocation was always Biotechnology. Actually, I didn’t even know of its existence until a year before starting the degree. Undecided between languages, medicine or maths, I eventually chose this new degree, which was apparently challenging and promised lots of further opportunities for research.

And what a great discovery! I can’t help but admire how all the different scientific branches intertwine, right down to the deepest element to form a whole that works just like a programmed clock. I was far from imagining to what extent we have managed to gain control over nature on so many levels, especially taking into account how unpredictable, and downright powerful Mother Nature still proves to be. And what’s better is how fascinating and erratic she is even nowadays. As each new year in my degree goes by I keep changing mind about what to do in the future; I guess I may have to keep studying for the rest of my life...

Full Name: Elena Moreno Martínez
School or Organization: Universidad de Sevilla
Country: Spain
Field of Study: Biotechnology