Building a Synchronized Oscillatory System

Dorett Odoni

Member of the Wageningen_UR team

Name: Dorett Odoni

Age: 24

Nationality: Swiss

Studies: Master Molecular Life Sciences

Role within the team: Working on the model for the oscillatory system, managing the microscope experiments with the device and helping out in the lab whenever there is work to be done.

Shoe size: 41/42

Favourite lab song: Give me everything tonight by Pitbull.

Favourite Hot beverage: Coffee.

Favourite Lab Job: Mini prepping at least 110 samples at a time with Ruben, Brendan and Suzette. And the subsequent nano-dropping, of course.

Favourite Lab anecdote: See above. Some samples where inexplicably lost and never found again, while other samples mysteriously duplicated. Matthijn's handwriting be blamed, except he wasn't there at the moment.

Favourite Lab apparatus: Microscope.

If you would need to pick a pirate attribute what would it be? The monkey, he would fit right in with the team ;-)

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