Biofilm Background







Judging Form

Medal Requirements

We've successfully completed:


  • Registering the team, having a splendid summer, and definitely planning to have fun at the Regional Jamboree.
  • Compeletingand submitting the iGEM 2011 Judging form.
  • Creating and sharing a Description of the team's project using the iGEM wiki and the team's parts using the Registry of Standard Biological Parts.
  • Planning to present a Poster and Talk at the iGEM Jamboree.
  • Entering information detailing 6 new standard BioBrick Part or Device in the Registry of Standard Biological Parts.
  • Submitting DNA for 6 new BioBrick Part or Device to the Registry.
  • Silver

    • Demonstrating that 3 BioBrick Part or Device of our own design and construction works as expected; Characterizing the operation of our new part/device.
    • Entering information and other documentation on the part's 'Main Page' section of the Registry Part Number(s):


    • Improving an existing BioBrick Part or Device and enter this information back on the Experience Page of the Registry.

    Part Number(s): None

    • Helping another iGEM team by, for example, characterizing a part, debugging a construct, or modeling or simulating their system.


    • Outlining and detailing a new approach to an issue of Human Practice in synthetic biology as it relates to your project, such as safety, security, ethics, or ownership, sharing, and innovation.

    Human Practice

    We've taken much time to realize a Human Practice of both fun and practical value.

    • We’ve built an App game embodying basic rules of synthetic biology for iphone.
    • We’ve written a novel concerning issues of safety and security of synthetic biology.
    • We’ve done a survey on funding for iGEM teams in China.
    • We’ve written out a short manual to guide iGEM teams to effectively win fundings.
    • We’ve made an analysis on funding prospect in the future.

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    We’ve taken a special effort in modeling to make it comprehensive and helpful for each module of our project, including having:

      • Built a model on Biofilm formation.

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      • Built a model on Rainbofilm formation, the stratified expression system.

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      • Built a model on Sugarfilm formation, the application of rainbofilm in cellulose degradation.

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    We’ve clearly detailed our approaches to possible biosafety issues related with our project, and answered the safety questions.

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    Attribution and Contributions

    We’ve set up one page specifically for attribution and contributions.

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