Sugarfilm Background








Glue is convenient but can become troublesome at times when it stick to everywhere. However with our gluefilm this will no longer be a problem. We intend to solve this problem by producing a glue that only becomes sticky after two fitted surface are put together mechanically for a period of time.

With biofilm stratification, glue production can be limited to anaerobic layer. This only requires a simplified version of our stratified biofilm circuit: the anaerobic circuit. We can use Mfp5 BioBrick made by the Berkeley 2009 iGEM team to produce glue:

In the microaerobic environment and oxygen rich environment no reaction occurs. As a result, the surface of gluefilm is not sticky. When a suitable surface is placed on the biofilm. oxygen penetration is limited and thus all the e.coli will produce glue and the two surface will be stuck together.

Gluefilm can be easily used in aqueous environment. It can stick two complementary surface together but is not sensitive to suface that has different shape because too much space cannot not isolate oxygen. Its tolerance to shape differences can be controlled by controlling biofilm thickness.