iGEM Yale


The following people are acknowledged for their guidance and support:

  • Farren Isaacs, principal investigator
  • Dan Spakowicz, Adam Trexler, Thihan Padukkavidana, Rebecca Brown, graduate student advisors
  • Timothy Craggs, Jennifer Nguyen, and Martin Heisig, for helpful suggestions and guidance
  • Nigel Grindley and Cathy Joyce, for use of lab space
  • Integrated DNA Technologies, for sponsorship of a synthetic gene
  • Keck Biotechnology Resource Laboratory, for sponsoring primers and sequencing
  • Raymond and Beverley Sackler Institute, for material support
  • Yale College Dean’s Office, for material support
  • Yale Science and Engineering Association, for material support
  • Departments of Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Physics, and Biomedical Engineering, for material support
  • Professors Peter Davies and Deborah Fass, for helpful comments and for providing AFP sequences