iGEM Yale

Yale iGEM 2011 Team

Aaron Hakim is a junior in Yale College originally from Toronto, Ontario. He is in a combined BS/MS program in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology. Aaron worked full-time this summer, completing the bulk of the research work.

Chidi Akusobi is a senior at Yale College majoring in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. He currently conducts research in a virology lab where he investigates how bacteriophages can be made more lethal against enterohemorrhagic E. coli. Chidi helped with fundraising and survival assays.

Alexander Li is a senior at Yale College majoring in biochemistry. He enjoys music, basketball, and tinkering with equipment in lab. Alex helped develop the proposal for the project and conducted the rat tissue assays.

Steven Zhu is a sophomore Yale College intending to major in economics and molecular biology. He is an editor of the Yale Economics Review and an avid recreational hockey player, longboarder, biker and sushi love. Steven conducted survival assays with C. elegans.

Darren Zhu was a sophomore at Yale College majoring in Chemistry and Mathematical Economics. He's currently taking a leave of absence from Yale to pursue a startup venture in Silicon Valley. Darren also worked full-time this summer.

Durga Thakral is a senior in Yale College majoring in Molecular Biochemistry and Biophysics. Her interests include ribosome-binding antibiotics, cell-free protein synthesis, and drug delivery. Durga helped with many aspects of the project as a part-time summer researcher.

Kara Brower is a junior in Yale College double majoring in Biomedical Engineering and Chemistry. Her interests include high-resolution CFTR channel imaging using cryo-EM and microfluidic intergration for CMOS nanowire biosensors. Kara conducted the ice recrystallization assays.

Aaron Lewis

Attribution: Please note that the above mentioned iGEM students completed all research that has been documented in this wiki. Graduate advisors did help provide training and guidance for various synthetic biology techniques; specifically, Dan Spakowicz and Adam Trexler provided suggestions for cloning and protein work, Thihan and Rebecca Brown assisted with protein gels and multicellular organism assays, Jen Nguyen assisted with protein purification and crystallography, Tim Craggs, Nigel Grindley, and Cathy Joyce assisted with general molecular biology techniques, and Professor Farren Isaacs assisted with MAGE and overall project direction. However, all work was completed by the undergraduates.