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Research Experience for Undergrads (REU) Poster Session

The UW-Madison iGEM team also participated in the Summer Research Opportunities poster session, which allowed students in the summer research programs at UW-Madison to share their projects. The program we participated had students who did research in Nanotechnology, Chemistry, Chemical and Biological engineering and Chemistry of Materials for Renewable Energy. At the poster session, we shared what he had done so far and how we plan to continue our project for the regional and international iGEM Jamborees. The UW-Madison iGEM team also participated in the summer camp outreach sessions where we volunteered at an after-chemistry camp learning sessions where middle school students chose to stay for an hour after camp to learn more about topics in science. At these sessions, we told students about iGEM and the different ways we use synthetic biology to explore biology and hopefully develop solutions to some of our world’s questions. For instance, we explained our current project on biofuels and how we used certain genes from different bacteria to achieve the synthetic constructs to aid in biofuel exploration.