About Us

The 2011 iGEM UT-Tokyo team is composed of 19 undergraduates from freshman to senior, from a wide range of courses : medicine, pharmacy, chemistry, biology, physics, and so on. This diversity of backgrounds enables us to make our team work fluently. Each member gives full play to his/her ability.



Masaya Fukushima Asp / Team Leader
Some people were attracted, and there was a team.
-100,020 years old
Akira Nomoto Accountant Manager / Wet Experimenter
Oh, how many torments lie in the small circle of a plasmid!
20 years old
Asahito Kaneko 1+1=3
Confucius said, "To learn without thinking is labour in vain. To think without learning is desolation." Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on iGEM!!
21 years old
Daiki Steve Miyachi Spokesman / Mr.UT
Hello, there! I'm major in Chemistry;)
20 years old
Eiichi Matsumoto Modeling Manager
(v・∇)v < I Love Physics !!!
21 years old
Eri Awazu :-)
The only thing I know for sure is that I don't know anything at all !
19 years old
Ihori Ebinuma Wet Experimenter
I'm likely to be studying Pharmaceutical Science. I love Biology and molecular biology experiments ! But you know, it's hard work ...
20 years old
Manatsu Hamazaki "E.coli-chan" lover
I Love Bio!!
21 years old
Masahiko Shimizu Coordinator
Enjoy, and visit our wiki, poster session, and presentation! I'm looking forward to seeing you at the Jamboree.
0x16 years old
Masahiro Kiyota Wiki designer
Never do today what I can put off till tomorrow
21 years old
Masato Ohgishi Wet Experiment Manager / Liaison Manager
Hi! I'm a 2nd Bachelor of General Education, and will go on to the Faculty of Medicine. You know, engineering life... what a daring challenge, isn't it?
19 years old
Minato Baba RNA
I'm studying Medicine, especially Immunology... Je n'ai pas le temps!
21 years old
Momoko Imura Wiki & Poster Designer
Our team character "E.coli-chan" is my child.
3*7 years old
Seiko Iguchi Designer / Twitter Manager
living inside @UT_Tokyo who loves Satoshi Ohno
22 years old
Takato Izumi Overseer / Secretary / Comedian
The kanji form of my name is "貴人", and we can also read this kanji as "kijin". The Homonym of "貴人" as "kijin" is "奇人", and this letters mean "the eccentric" ! So, the fact that I am An Eccentric Man is proven. Q.E.D
unknown years old
Tomoki Nishiguchi Wet Experimenter
I'm interested in chemistry, biology, linguistics... I don't know what I'm going to be!
21 years old
Yukibara Cho Presentator
We already are friends heading for the same goal of science, aren't we?
20 years old
Yuta Horiuchi Rambler
I'm a second year college student. I love watching wildlife. Of cause, I love E.coli on a plate, too :-)
20 years old


Craig Hamilton Instructor
My goal is to come up with something witty to say here by the wiki freeze.
Scrap that, my new goal is to come up with a way to hack into iGEM to make this possible after the freeze.
26 years old


Unless otherwise specifically noted, all the work including ideas, experimental results, modelings, and illustrations presented on this wiki is solely by the members of iGEM UT-Tokyo team.