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Network view

Visualize networks defined by SBML models.

Example below(toggle-switch):

Basic Use

The green container represents compartment,the red node represents substance and the blue is reaction.

Use Ctrl + mouse wheel to zoom.

Editing Properties

Double click an item to modify its properties.Also the property widget on the right side is helpful to monitor item properties.

Adding&Removing Nodes

You can add an item by dragging the buttons above to the scence or remove an item by pressing the delete key.

Editing Lines

The last 2 buttons are used to edit the lines,the straight arrow means the substance is a reactant or product of the reaction and the other means the substace is a modifier of the reaction.To add a line ,first click the button,then click on the source node,then click on the destination node.Remember the two nodes are of different type.As for modification,the source must be a substance and the destination must be a reaction.

Each change you make will cause a corresponding modification to the model.