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Download Lachesis & MoDeL

Lachesis sourcecode is available here.

MoDeL is available here .

You can use Git to download the current development version of Lachesis & MoDel, pre-compiled binary version should become available in a few days.


Lachesis and MoDeL are provided under the GNU General Public License, version 2 and all later versions.

Supported Platforms

Lachesis is developed with C++ and Qt and can be compiled & run on:
Windows Xp/Vista/7
Debian GNU/Linux
It should also work many on other platform that support Qt and mysql, but we do not guarantee.

MoDeL is written in Perl and should work on any platform that support perl & mysql.

Build & Install

Download & unpack MoDeL and follow the instructions in INSTALL to install MoDeL. You may also need to install mysql in the process.

NOTE: We are assuming that you have Qt-sdk on your computer. If not, please refer this page and install it first.

Download & unpack Lachesis's source code then build & run it with Qt. If you are working on Linux systems, use the following command:
cd bin