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We are grateful to University of Science and Technology of China Initiative Foundation, Teaching Affair Office of USTC, School of Life Sciences of USTC, Graduate School of USTC, School of Information Science and Technology of USTC, School of Chemistry and Materials Science of USTC, Department of Mathematics of USTC for providing funding for this project.

It is a pleasure to thank all the professors and students who have joined the brainstorm since without their support this software would not exist.

Speical thanks are due to Mort Yao and Yinghong Lan for their indestructible help, great feedback, humor and kindness and specifically the time they spend guiding us successfully through the project.

The comments and helpful suggestions of the following friends are also appreciated:Jue Wang, Johns Hopkins University; Xilin Sun, Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Last but definitely not least, we would like to acknowledge the help and encouragement from our instructors Prof.Jiong Hong, Hao Jiang, Wei Pan, Zheng Wang, Chen Liao, Kun Jiang and our advisors Prof.Haiyan Liu, Prof.Jiarui Wu.


Initiative Foundation, USTC

Teaching Affair Office, USTC

School of Life Sciences, USTC

Graduate School, USTC

School of Information Science and Technology, USTC

School of Chemistry and Materials Science, USTC

Department of Mathematics,USTC