Team:USTC-China/Human practice/Group


Students’ Synthetic Biology Group

Last year the team members of iGEM 2010 decided to start a specific group aimed at promote synthetic biology in our campus as well as taking charge of the non-academic activities such as choosing and training new members for the next year.

Other than the recruiting campaign we also conducted a series of activities to make more students in our school to know about synthetic biology.

In December the previous team members held a lecture about the basic concept of synthetic biology and information about iGEM, more than 150 people came to the scene, including undergraduates and graduates. After online application and interviewing we have sorted about 70 students out of 130. And the number of our fellows was expanded to over 100.


During winter vacation a workshop was organized in which we invited the team leaders of iGEM 2010 to introduce us what synthetic biology is and what can we do to make a new idea come true. Faculties also gave lessons about experiment technologies and ways to get the most valuable information in a short time.

In April we held a lecture together with Students’ Union to enhance the public awareness of iGEM, MCM and ACM. Two team members of iGEM 2010 had been there to elucidate the whole process of the competition and encouraged students to take part in it.