Team:USTC-China/Human practice


Human Practice


This human practice project mainly includes five sections. During the Open Day of Biox we conducted a visiting activity aimed at letting more people know about synthetic biology. A survey was done at the same time in order to get visitors’ thoughts about this field and issues about ethics, living creatures and the like. In July we held iGEM 2011 China Meetup to make the teams know each other better and to inspire the members’ creative minds. Earlier this year we came up with the idea of The Three Laws whose goal is to regulate gene manipulation just as the famous laws written by Asimov. In the last section we investigated the safety issues and concerns about our project.

The Open Day and our survey were done in the week of science of USTC. More than 200 people took part in the survey and we have reached a great result.


Due to the increasing number of contesting teams in China we held a conference, that is, iGEM 2011 China Meetup, in order to promote the collaboration between teams and make the most brilliant minds shine lone before they take part in the jamboree.


After The Three Laws was put forward by one of our members several discussions and brainstorms had made a series of regulations and method to make this assume feasible.


It is such a wonderful thing to get fancy experimental results, but to ensure the safety of both human and the environment is more important. In the last part we have answered the safety questions and make rules to provide everyone a safe place.