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Data Page

In this section you can find a list of all the parts we made/used in the Stress Wars project. By clicking on each part link you will be redirected to the part page on the Registry of Standard Biological Parts. For more details about the experimental tests, go to our Results page.

How Our System Works

Devices data

Data For Our Favorite New Parts

  1. Main Page - Protein Secretion system device, BBa_K554013: This device will be important to export the produced interleukins (IL-12 and IL-10) to the extracellular media. This is a new secretion system device, inspired on Stanford Team 2009. To read a complete description of why BBa_K554013 consists on a new Part, you can click HERE or in the Experience section of this part. We could successfuly prove that this part worked as expected through proving the secretion of a reporter gene (GFP) under oxidative stress.

  2. Main Page SoxR device, BBa_K554010: This part is composed by Constitutive Promoter linked to RBS+SoxR transcription factor gene and Terminator (BBa_B0011 and BBa_B0012). We could prove that this part worked through analyzing expression of a reporter gene (GFP) linked to SoxS promoter (which contain SoxR binding site).

  3. Main Page SoxS-RBS-GFP-HlyA device, BBa_K554012: This part was created to test if SoxS promoter (BBa_K554000) and HlyA Secretion signal peptide ( BBa_K554002]) works as expected. We could test and prove GFP production and secretion.

See below the schema containing these three devices in the way they were tested

Parts we have improved

  1. Experience - Part:BBa_K223062 (Stanford, iGEM 2009): We have created a new SoxS linked secretion system inspired in the Stanford 2009 secretion system device and we proved that it worked.

Data For Pre-Existing Parts

  1. Experience - Part:BBa_K223044, anti-inflammatory device (Stanford, iGEM 2009): Although this system has already been designed and used in previously iGEM competitions (iGEM 2009 -, we took advantage of the availability of synthesized sequences to design new parts (SoxR and SoxS) that conforms the common biobrick standards in the iGEM registry. Our team has improved the parts as described in Innovation.

The following parts were created but we have not tested them yet

We could not create an appropriate test for the following parts:

  1. Main Page - QseB and QseC device, BBa_K554011: QseC is the bacterial adrenergic receptor which contains an histidine sensor kinase domain and QseB is its response regulator partner. This device is composed by a constitutive promoter (BBa_J23119, RBS-QseC-RBS-QseB (BBa_K554006) and terminator (BBa_B0011 and BBa_B0012).

  2. Main Page - flhDC-IL12-HlyA device, BBa_K554014: This part contains flhDC promoter (BBa_K554001), our fusion construct for IL-12 (BBa_K554005) linked to HlyA secretion signal peptide (BBa_K554002 and terminator (BBa_B0011 and BBa_B0012).

  3. Main Page - flhDC promoter, BBa_K554001: flhDC promoter was designed in to be regulated by Quorum Sensing proteins (QseB and QseC), and thus activate expression of the downstrain linked genes. We also have not already tested the other devices containing this promoter (parts BBa_K554015 and BBa_K554016).

Some parts are under construction

  1. Nor operon: This sequence consists in four genes, norC, norB, norQ and norD, which encode a NO reductase (Nor) complex. This operon can be used to degrade excessive contents of NO due to Th1 overactivation. More details can be found in our Project page.

Testing Devices (with GFP)

We created some devices with replacement of IL-10 and IL-12 by GFP. The following picture represents the systems which we could successfully test, with the following device codes:

UNICAMP-EMSE Designed Parts

Table of Parts

Here you can find the parts submitted to registry. Each part was extensivelly described, click on the links below and have fun!