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The bounded right-hand null space of the stochiometry matrix generates a convex cone, generated by convex vectors. These generating vectors, id est those that conceptually border the cone, are the Extreme Pathways. Any solution within the steady state flux distribution can be represented as a linear combination of said pathways. For more on this, consult chapter 9 of "Systems Biology: Properties of Reconstructed Networks", by Bernhard Palsson.

Our Work

Since our pathway was adding a novel metabolite (H2), we hypothesized the transgenic pathway might represent an Extreme Pathway. We found two tools used in calculating these Solution Space Bordering Vectors, both by Palsson's Lab ExPa and its bigger cousin X3. These calculations have been running for a week, with no end in sight. Should they finish before the Regional, we'll talk about it in the Presentation (or update this at the Wiki-Thaw...). Anyhow, getting the data into the format acceptable by ExPa required another round of parsing, and another script. If your interested in our parsing adventures, you may read more here. The final ExPa compatible file is here.


Currently, the simulation is still running. The log file is over 100Mb long, so we're not inclined to upload it here. Should the simulation finish within the foreseeable future, we'll present the results during the Regional Presentation.