the team
our project

Materials Used for Our Project

  • The EBY100 yeast strain and pCTCON2 vector used in our experiments were generously provided by the Keating Lab (MIT)
  • Primers were designed by team members and ordered from IDT
  • C. albicans genomic DNA was provided by the Johnson Lab (UCSF)
  • Some PCR materials, for troubleshooting, were provided by Eric Ma (Voigt Lab, UCSF/MIT)

Distribution of Work

  • The initial concept for the project and project design were performed by team members, with guidance and suggestions from Instructors and Buddies.
  • All team members designed primers and cloned genes into the pCTCON2 vector.
  • Microscopy samples were prepared by Brandon Lim, Kingsley Lim, and John Elam.
  • All microscopy images were taken by Veronica Zepeda or Hyun Youk (Instructors) from samples prepared by team members.
  • Biofilms were prepared by Tina Chen, Julia Loi, and CJ Wong.
  • Wiki designed by Tina Chen and Veronica Zepeda.
  • Wiki content by all team members.
  • Presenters at the iGEM 2011 Jamboree will be Julia Loi, Kingsley Lim, and Sami Chu.