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Mexico, officially named Estados Unidos Mexicanos, is a country located in the southern part of North America. It is bordered on the north by the United States; on the south and west by the Pacific Ocean; on the southeast by Guatemala, Belize, and the Caribbean Sea; and on the east by the Gulf of Mexico. It is the fifth largest country in the Americas and the fourteenth largest country in the world. The current population is estimated above 112 million, mostly Spanish-speakers.

According to the World Tourism Organization, Mexico is the main tourist destination in Latin America and one of the ten most visited countries in the world. Mexico also counts with one of the most diverse climates in the world, considered one of the 12 most diverse countries. It is home to the 10-12% of global biodiversity and to over 12 000 endemic species.

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Monterrey City

Monterrey is a Mexican city, capital of Nuevo León, as well as head of the urban area that bears the name: Monterrey Metropolitan Area. It is the third most populous city in Mexico, after the metropolitan areas of Mexico, D.F. and Guadalajara, Jalisco. As a city, Monterrey is known for its great industrial activity, and one of the greatest centers for technological and commercial interchange in Latin America.

It is also known for its business and service centers. Its industries include: cement manufacturing, beer, glass, steel and food products. It is one of the most accessible cities in the country, with close connections to the U.S. border. It is surrounded by impressive natural wonders, such as the majestic mountains of the Sierra Madre Oriental (English: Eastern Sierra Madre Mountain Range), and "Cerro de la Silla" (English: Saddle Hill), which is the immutable symbol of the city. It also has many theaters, art galleries and sporting venues, as well as regional and international restaurants.

Code-Figure1 Monterrey, Nuevo León.
Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León

The Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León (UANL) is the third largest public university in Mexico and the most important institution of higher learning in Northeastern Mexico, which offers the highest number of academic programs. The UANL is one of the oldest universities in Mexico. It began as a School of Law in 1824, and later the Civil Academy and the School of Medicine were founded in 1859. Through the years, its reputation for outstanding academic achievement has become known throughout the country, and it reflects the intellectual achievement of its students as well as the innovative research carried out by its faculty.

The UANL has seven distinct campuses: the Main Campus, which houses the Administration Building, Colleges of Law, Biology School, Chemistry, Public Accounting and Philosophy, among others, as well as the Football Stadium, and other sport facilities. Other campuses include the Health Sciences Campus, the Mederos Humanities and Fine Arts Campus, the Marin Agronomy Center, the Escobedo Agricultural Sciences Campus, the Linares Earth Sciences, and Forestry campus:

Code-Figure1 Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León.


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