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Team: UANL_Mty-Mexico Team: UANL_Mty-Mexico
Human Practices: Collaboration
We attended a few lectures organized by our local fellows of Tec-Monterrey. Additionally, we had a friendly biobrick exchange with them. They gently provided us with a couple of BioBricks as our kit arrival was delayed due to customs issues; then we helped them out characterizing and cloning some of their biobricks that seemed not to be working. We also shared our miniprep protocol that proved to work smoothly.
We shared plasmid pJT122 with team Freiburg, which we obtained directly from Dr. Jeff Tabor. The plasmid contains the genes coding for the red and green light receptors.

We provided team Wuhan with the following plasmids (which we got from Dr. Tabor): pJT122, pJT106, pJT106b, pT116, pJT118, pCph8 and pPLPCB(S). Additionally, the JT2 E. coli strain both, alone and co-transformed with different plasmids was sent. We definitely learned how to ship biological parts internationally.

We shared our cloning strategy with team of Wageningen, as they wanted to feed a software tool they were developing to optimize such work.
Team Uppsala joined our iGEM lighters community, as they worked with light induction as we did. We had helpful contact with them and tested the VR primers on the B0015 terminator, as they suspected that could be the source of a PCR trouble they were dealing with.
UNAM genomics Mexico
Team UNAM Genomics gently sent us plasmids containing the following genes: CcaS_CcaR, Phicocyanobillin and LovTap.

We would like to thank all the teams above as well as the participants that joined the iGEM lighters community, contributed to the Bio! Blog and shared experiences with us.

For more collaboration details, please be welcome to find it on this PDF file.


Team: UANL_Mty-Mexico