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Human Practices: Bio! Project
About Bio!

Bio! is a blog about interesting topics in Synthetic Biology and Biotechnology. The articles about the iGEM competition and reports on the most prominent iGEM projects are continuously updated and some include lists with the work of other also interesting iGEM projects with a brief description of each. Articles about iGEM can be found in both, English and Spanish, but we will be very glad to collaborate with people from around the world, so they can be translated to other languages and spread to the young people everywhere.

It is intended to be an accessible reference and inspiration source, as well as a means to get the biological sciences students closer to Synthetic Biology. We encourage the members of the iGEM community to participate as translators or authors, and make their own version of Bio! for their country, so that it can be directly edited and customized with their own information and creativity. In this way, information born in any of the Bio! versions can be spread faster to each country's student community by social networks. We are sure that this work will be of tremendous value for the future iGEM teams and for anybody that wonders "what is Synthetic Biology?"

If interested in joining the project, do not hesitate to contact us.

Here is the link:

Bio! Project
Main Contributions

The iGEM History 2007-2010 Database

The team UANL and Bio! are proud to present one great product of their enthusiasm and labor: the Bio! iGEM History Database. In this database is contained each of the projects presented in the iGEM competitions from 2007 to 2010.

The projects are classified according to each team's name and year, and also keywords that represent the project's main topic (i.e., biosensors, synthetic circuits, health, etc.), which can be easily filtered. The medals, a brief description and wikis URL are also enlisted.

We hope that this database will help and inspire the new generations of iGEMers, giving them a landscape of what can be done, specially in the process of brainstorming and project generation. This database is as well intended to be a reliable and friendly information source for the general public that wish to get closer to Synthetic Biology. Click here to download it now!

To give you a glimpse about our database, here is an infographic that we made:

iGEM History 2007-2010 Infographic Enjoy!

Synthetic Biology Survey!

Additionally, in order to asses the public perception on biotechnological and Synthetic Biology issues, team UANL has elaborated a short survey. See the results here!

Synthetic Biology Short Articles


Team: UANL_Mty-Mexico