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Team: UANL_Mty-Mexico Team: UANL_Mty-Mexico
  • Special thanks to our advisor Dr. Jeffrey J. Tabor, who gently provided us with his JT2 strain and a whole battery of plasmids; his advise was very helpful with the math modeling for our project as well. We would also like to thank Dr. Rena Hill from Voigt Lab, who prepared all those biological parts for us.
  • Special thanks to Dr. Thomas E. Kuhlman, who gently provided us with several plasmids to perform his method for site-specific chromosomal integration of large synthetic constructs. Even if he is not our official advisor, we benefitted from his useful advise more than once.
  • Thanks to UANL's school administration, to all our advisors and instructors, to the school administrator Dr. Ramón R. Cavazos-González, and to our school principal Dr. Juan Manuel Alcocer-González who always supported the team and never lost faith on us.
  • Thanks to Dr. Jorge A. Verduzco-Martínez and Dr. Fermín Mar-Aguilar for sharing their lab with us, it became a second home to all of us.
  • Thanks to Hiram I. Mendoza Hernández, representative of our Alumni Association, for talking our school faculty into enrolling a team for iGEM 2011.
  • Thanks to iGEM HQ, specially for dealing with customs side by side with us!
  • Thanks to Dr.Isaías Balderas-Rentería and Dr. María R. González-González for sharing reactives and purifying columns when needed.
  • Thanks to our sponsor GenScript, specially for their quick and quality service.
  • Last but never least, we would like to thank our dear team instructor J. Claudio Moreno-Rocha for his 24/7 advise at the lab. We truly appreciate all the work you have done for us, we really can't figure what would we have done without your wise guidance.





Team: UANL_Mty-Mexico