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Tsinghua-A 2011 iGEM Team consists of 8 undergraduates, together with professors on biology and information acting as advisors.

The letter ‘A’ stands for ‘Automation’, for that most of our teammates come from Department of Automation, School of Information Science and Technology. With the background of EECS, we determine to achieve a harmonious combination of biology and information science in a special and innovative perspective.

This is our first year participating in iGEM. We will do our uttermost!

In the back(from left): Junyu Chen, Qi Sang, Silu Yang, Lei Wei , Weixi Liao, Pei Xie, Jian Wen, Zhirong Wu, Honglei Liu, Ying Liu(researcher at the same lab)

In the front(from left): Dr Chen, Dr Wang