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Operation ECHO | Collaboration with other teams

Operation ECHO, by Tsinghua-A Team

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During the season, we will dedicate in pursuing the goal of the construction of a biological oscillator, which we call ‘ECHO’, the abbreviation of ‘the E.Coli Homochronous Oscillator’.

With two Escherichia coli populations expressing gene one after another, they give red and green fluorescent light alternately. E.coli populations communicate bi-directionally by a class of signaling molecules involves in bacteria quorum sensing, that is, N-Acyl homoserine lactones (AHL), to regulate the gene expression of each other. By engineering their gene circuits, two groups (name as CELL-A and CELL-B) will form a network, with B inducing A and A restricting B, thus able to realize oscillation. A mechanism is set up to change the rate of an AHL expression, allowing us to control the period and the phase of the oscillatory cycle.

What’s more, we establish a mathematical model to analyze the dynamics of the system, and computer simulation software is introduced into the process. The comparison between the wet lab experiment and the simulating outcome contributes to a contemplated and well-planned designation of our project.

Collaboration work with Team Tsinghua

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In iGem 2011 tournament, we offered our help to another team from Tsinghua, which is comprised of underguaduates from the Dept of Life Science in Tsinghua University.

We help them build the analysis Modeling of their bio-systems.