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Tokyo Tech 2011


Thanks to our sponsors, we were able to carry out our experiments and join the iGEM Jamborees. We really appreciate their kind help.

Collaboration Center for Design and Manufacturing

The Collaboration Center for Design and Manufacturing (CODAMA) is a facility that supports Manufacturing, especially the transformation of ideas into real products. It is open to the whole Tokyo Tech community.

Aizawa Foundation

Aizawa Foundation was established by Masuo Aizawa,the ex-President of Tokyo Tech. The Foundation supports students' projects financially, especially the projects of those who belong to the Department of Bioscience and Biotechnology.

Tokyo Tech 130th anniversary

The Tokyo Tech 130th Anniversary Foundation was created in commemoration of Tokyo Tech 130th anniversary in the year 2011. It highlights Tokyo Tech's primary mission, which is to develop global human capabilities and excellence, pioneering research and education in science and technology.

Tokyo Tech Alumni Association

Tokyo Tech Alumni Association aims to create mutual friendship among Tokyo Tech Alumni, and to develop industrial and scientific technology. The association supports Tokyo Tech's projects of students.


MathWorks kindly allowed us to use their excellent software MATLAB, we could not have created our modeling programs without it.