Team:TU Munich/extra/partners



In the following we want to say thank you to some special persons. A lot of our work would not have been possible without your help and support.

We would like to thank two outstanding professors at TUM. Firstly, we want to name Prof. Simmel. Last year, you agreed to lead the first iGEM Team the TU München ever had. This year, you paid again the registration fee in advance from your private money without knowing if you will ever get it back. We appreciated it a lot. Furthermore, we want to thank Prof. Groll from the chemistry department. From the first moment we have contacted you, you have been on our side giving us tremendous financial support and contact details from prospective sponsors. We know we can’t take that for granted. We are proud and happy to have such professors like you two here in Munich. Thank you very much again.

Next, we thank our three instructors/advisors, Andrea Meyer, Maximilian Weitz and Michael Hösl. We will keep our weekly meetings and social events with you in great memory. You all have been always addressable for any kind of question or problem and you made sure that all things worked out in time. We wish you all the best for the future and hope we will meet again.

Further on, we want to thank Andrea Mückel (laboratory engineer) and Helene Budjarek (technician) at Simmel lab. You always provided good advice. It has been a pleasure to meet you.

Special thanks goes also to Erika Bischofs for organizing everything for us and to all other members, and in particular to Korbinian Kapsner, of the Chair for Bionanotechnology (Simmel lab) for help and fruitful discussions.

Finally, we thank Prof. Herrmann, president of our university, for supporting us and his patronage over our project.

We thank the following companys and institutions for their support:

Roche Diagnostics GmbH, Werk Penzberg

Carl Roth



Peter- und Traudl Engelhorn Stiftung

We thank the Boston Consulting Group for a seminar about "Program Management" which provided us with know-how - not only for our iGEM project, but also for our future work.

We thank the following universital entities for their financial support:

Präsident der TU München (Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c.mult. Wolfgang A. Herrmann)

Studienbeitragskomission der Chemie

Studienbeitragskomission Weihenstephan

Studienbeitragskomission der Physik

Programm zur Steigerung der Mobilität von deutschen Studierenden - PROMOS

Studiendekan der Chemie (Prof. Groll)

Studiendekan der Mathematik (Prof. Junge)